Organic brown rice sugar
for sweetening without raising the calories

Organic brown rice sugar syrup is often consumed as a substitute for corn syrup which contains high fructose. Foods with brown rice sugar are safe for health. It is smooth, amber-coloured and lightly sweet in taste. Brown Rice Syrup contains about one half sweetness of sugar and this nutritive sweetener is considered as a good alternative for those who want to keep their sugar intake within limit. You can use it anyway you like, from mixing it into your morning tea to pouring it over pancakes or ice cream or even baking with it.

Brown rice syrup substitute is vegan and gluten-free liquid which is extensively used in foods where sweetening is required without raising the number of calories. The use of Brown Rice Syrup is increasing all over the world among the health conscious folks who want to stay away from the risk of high level of sugar in blood and those extra calories which can result from consuming regular sugar. For the vegans too, brown rice is commonly preferred rather than refined sugar as the latter is refined many times using bone char from animal body. Brown rice syrup has a sticky consistency like honey and tastes also same like honey, very sweet. While cooking with organic brown rice sugar, 1 1/4 cup rice syrup can be used to substitute one cup sugar and to adjust it there can be less of 1/4 cup of another liquid in the recipe. It can be drizzled on waffles or pancakes.

Brown rice syrup nutrition can boast of providing a few trace minerals which are zinc, magnesium and manganese. It is all natural and mostly all organic. Among the healthiest sugar substitutes available to us, Organic Brown Rice Sugar is one. The best part of brown rice syrups is they are able to tame the rise of your bold sugar without putting an ill effect on your taste buds. That means with it you can still pamper your sweet tooth and be tension free about its impact on health.

This organic sweetener is produced when brown sugar is broken down with a special preparation of enzyme and converted into a sweet liquid extract. The liquid is pleasantly sweet in taste and has a smooth flavour. Organic Brown Rice Sugar has a buttery flavour and delicate sweetness. This is why it is an ideal choice for making desserts and baking too.

In a healthy serving of organic Brown Rice Syrups around 45% maltose, 3% glucose and 50% soluble complex carbohydrates are present. Organic Brown Rice Sugar has lots of advantages over common sugars. These are made of polysaccharides that have the ability to dissolve in the blood stream easily and quickly. Apart from this, it has various complex carbohydrate components and maltose which takes longer time to get digested in our system. This results in energy flow for a longer time in our body. Therefore, it not only controls the sugar level, but also leaves a positive impact on the cholesterol levels and in turn helps to reduce the risks associated with cardiovascular disease. © All Right Reserves