a low calorie alternative

Liquid sugar is often used for anything that requires table sugar, as a sweetening agent. It is created by mixing white or brown sugar with a liquid, mostly water. The commercially produced versions of liquid sugar are widely seen in the restaurants as well as in our home. Various items where normally table sugar is required like sweetening of drinks, liquid sugar comes as a better substitute. For the production of liquid sugar it is possible to use various kinds of sugar. The major requirement for the process is, any kind of sugar that you use, the granules should be dissolved in the liquid completely to create the perfect liquid sweetener or sugar water. This is the reason that brown sugar, white sugar and also sugarcane derivatives can be used to produce liquid sugar. To create a low calorie substitute for health even sugar alternatives can be formulated to dissolve in liquids to create liquid sugar.

Several versions of Liquid sugar that are commercially produced are widely used as an alternative to white or brown sugar in a variety of recipes. In many of the restaurants liquid sugar is offered as a way of sweetening tea or coffee. Apart from being a better alternative, another benefit of this product is being much sweeter than normal white sugar, only a small amount is able to achieve the same degree of sweetness. This is why by using liquid sugar in any beverage the intake of high amount of normal white sugar can be avoided.

Most of the commercial liquid sugars are produced with an aim to create a viable product by maintaining a definite balance of fructose and glucose products. This often results in creating a product that is sweeter than normal table sugar. Commercially produced versions of liquid sugar not only contain sugar compounds, but also various preservatives that keep the product fresh and retain its colour for a longer time. On the other hand, in the homemade liquid sugar packed brown sugar and granulated white sugar are used.

In the most common types of liquid sugar 65 or 67 per cent sucrose remains dissolved in water. In the beverage industry liquid sugars of EU1 quality which is devoid of flocculents, is mainly used. The products like fruit juice, jam, marinades, marmalade and grocery products often contain liquid sugars. Liquid sugar substitute is ideally used in products the recipes of which demand sugar to be dissolved. Being dark in colour, Amber liquid sugar is used in foods where brown colour is required.

Liquid sugar can be manufactured by dissolving table sugar into little quantity of water or milk. The cooks often prefer to use it for creating dough for baked products or for producing sweet dressing to be served on raw vegetables. Like those commercial ones, any artificial sweetener that dissolves in liquid fully, can be used to make homemade liquid sugar. But it should be noted that as all artificial sweeteners do not work well in hot liquids, they cannot be used to create a liquid sweetener to be used in tea, coffee or various other hot drinks.

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