Feed Grade Rice Protein
an ideal nutrition that helps you cut cost

Feed grade rice protein, the byproduct of rice starch, contains rice nutrition and is widely used as the feed of livestock. This rice protein promotes the growth of livestock, improves energy of the feed, saves protein, helps the animals against diseases and reduces cost as well. Feed grade rice protein is essential in the feed industry and stockbreeding for cattle, chicken, aquatic livestock, pig, duck, etc.

Feed grade rice protein is rich in protein generated by biological fermentation process. For the livestock it proves to be a great source of protein and being cost-effective it can be commonly used for animals. This by-product of rice is enriched with a variety of nutrients like methionine, glutamic acids, arginine, vitamins, UGF and others. Rice protein feed grade comes with lots of benefits, apart from being a great source of protein for animals, it is easy to digest and its palatability enhances food in-taking of animals. It is important to have a balance of amino acids in all livestock and feed grade rice protein helps in that. It also has a significant role in increasing feed effectiveness and promoting growth of animals. Above all it is a great cut cost on feed and you can replace a portion of fish meal, soybean meal or whey powder with rice protein feed grade.

Rice protein concentrate is an excellent additive in the feed industry and animal husbandry. The manufacture of this product involves separating the rice protein from rice starch and stabilising it with antioxidant. The entire process takes place under completely hygienic condition. Rice Protein Concentrate is considered as an exceptional protein source that contains outstanding amino acid profile. Being highly digestible, it is perfect for cattle, poultry, swine, pet and aquaculture feed. It is processed under a fully hygienic condition following good manufacturing practice.

Organic rice protein is easily digestible and rich in a wide range of naturally occurring amino acids. The amino acids, both essential and non-essential amino acids are the building blocks of protein and play a vital role in every aspect of our body. Proteins aid in functioning properly and staying healthy. It is also responsible for nourishing each and every cell of our body with necessary nutrients. Therefore, providing the livestock with protein rich nutrients is extremely important. In the production of organic rice protein no chemicals are used, the process involves using a blend of organic plant enzymes for separating carbohydrates and fibre from the protein part of the whole grain. To prevent denaturing of amino acids, low temperature is maintained during the process.

There are a number of rice protein manufacturers that produce rice protein supplements. The feed grade rice protein can be obtained in the easiest way from any online store. Before purchasing the product it is wise to make a research on the brands and read customer reviews to learn which brand has the most favourable reviews. This will help you to choose the right brand.

According to researchers Feed grade rice protein meal due to its high protein content promotes growth of animals and reduces the overall feed cost by enhancing the availability as well as conversion of feed. This meal is also hypoallergenic and free from allergens.

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